leather snow home

oh, wyrm?

sinew slithers slides about swims through liquid lava lazy and languid luxurious its hide the color of candlelight creeping carefully towards its prey unaware unassuming unprotected then the beast rising, breaches breaking the surface breaking the neck breaking a tooth the loss is forgotten lost in the heat of hunger, starvation then devouring savoring, sating skittering back to the deep depths. the wyrm squyrms to the fyrm rock the outcropping outclasses the outdated lairs built by out of touch out of date out of time dragons with nothing better to do than to show off and gloat and gag on their gluttony their greed their gems their gold. the wyrm knows the woes, the highs and lows, of picking a poor place for repose meadows and mountains? meaningless compared to the magnificence of a magma volcano the vibrance the violence the viscosity of oodles of oozing opulence. the wyrm could not be happier, healthier, heartier.