leather snow home


the waves shatter against the rocks
gunshots of rain blast against the roof
zeus’ raucous rager seems never-ending
flashes crackling long past midnight

my companion cowers in a quiet corner
his soft fur and softer heart not fit to serve in nature’s war
i hope that i am brave enough for the both of us
to keep the beacon beaming

i know my place is here.
it is needed, necessary, noble.
i lord over my shining tower
with my loyal knight in golden armor

yet i long to be suncrowned

with daisies and daffodils
in a verdant vibrant meadow

bathed in light amongst the trees
in velvet robes of gold and green

lounging on a plush rainbow carpet
each petite petal a masterpiece

to give my knight a new kingdom
with room to roam and run and play

a place of warmth and light

but i am here, and i am now.
the light is cold and demanding.
and i will do what i must
to guide others towards the sun