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Sharkula is a 2022 film where two men take jobs in an isolated seaside town. The town is revealed to be ruled by Dracula and a vampire shark.


Ghost Castle is a game from Buffalo Games & Puzzles where 2-4 players compete to get their team of ghost hunters out of the house first.

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Cult of the Lamb is the latest release from Massive Monster and Devolver Digital and the cutest cult simulator of all time.

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Fright House by Fred Wiehe is a book about a young psychic named Penny who, after fleeing her old life, goes to work at a haunted house that used to be an asylum. Her boss calls in a TV ghosthunting crew to investigate the attraction after several employees go missing. Ghosts happen, chaos ensues, people die. I was sent a free copy for review.

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The Hollow Woods is a storytelling game with multiple ways to play. Player count varies, but usually 2-4 players come together to tell a story.

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Ghosted is a game where 3-6 players are ghosts trying to solve their own murders. The ghost who can figure out who killed them, with what, and why, before anyone else wins.

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Tales From the Loop is a board game from Free League publishing based on the art book of the same title by Simon Stålenhag. In it, 2-5 players play a group of kids in the ‘80s solving various sci-fi mysteries. Free League was kind enough to send me a free copy to review.

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Bloody Good Horror is a horror anthology from HellBound Books containing 35 short stories with no set theme. The people at HellBound Books were kind enough to send me a free copy for review.

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Toxic Shark is a movie about a shark that spits acid at people and turns them into zombies.


I had the opportunity to interview Martin Takaichi, the lead designer of the Tales From the Loop board game. Our conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

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Final girl is a single-player modular board gamewhere you take the role of a final girl as you fight to take down a fierce killer.

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Jaws is a board game based on the 1975 classic film. Across two acts, up to 3 players control Quint, Hooper, and Chief Brody as they work to take down 1 other player- the one who controls the deadly shark.

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Not Alone is an asymmetrical hidden movement card gamewhere 1-6 players are explorers who’ve crash-landed on a mysterious planet and 1 is an alien creature hunting them down. The hunted players play place cards to move around the planet and the creature player has to figure out where they’ve gone and catch them.

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In my Wyvern review I mentioned how much I wanted to see more dragon-themed horror movies, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to have stumbled across this film. You can also imagine how heartbroken I was to find that this film utterly blows.


Wyvern is a 2009 film in which Jake, an ice road trucker with a tragic past, must band together with the citizens of the small town of Beaver Mills to defeat a wyvern that was released from an iceberg by global warming.


Dread Draw is a competitive fortune-telling game where players take turns playing cards to summon monsters, dealing damage to their opponents, until only one player is left standing. At the end of the game the players attempt to tell the winner’s fortune.

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