leather snow and vampire fangs


  • 5/20:
    • I rise from the grave! Got an off-site post in books.
    • I was originally taking a break, but then I got offered a review copy for Fright House, so I've been working on that instead of going into 100% chill mode.
    • At the very least, I do feel a bit more energized, so maybe you'll see more of me sooner rather than later.
  • 4/20:
    • Sorry for the radio silence. I have been Struggling
    • Those promised 2 posts are now linked, along with an on-site prose poem.
    • Of course I'm only now finding that all my creative writing links on the all posts page have been broken this whole time. I'm so good at coding you guys
  • 3/23:
    • 2 new off-site posts linked. 2 more will be linked next week after they go up.
    • In my last update I messed up all the game category links on the all posts page. They've been fixed now.
    • A new on-site review post is in the works. I'm considering putting up a poll of some kind so people can vote on what kind of review they'd like me to work on after it's done.
    • In the mean time, questions or comments can be directed to my Tumblr or Twitter.