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6/8 (again)

  • finished the book. didn't feel like waiting until tomorrow to post so. hi again.
  • took the time to do a bit of reformatting. the prev summer reading link now goes to a landing page. there's a page for looking at all of the posts, and a section where you can look at just the posts for a specific book. i think this will work better with the interludes i planned.
  • speaking of, here's the link to the page for the book i was reading
  • let's enjoy my productivity while it lasts


  • summer reading update, same place as last time.
  • also i remembered to link it on the blog landing page this time 😅
  • still working out how i want to change the formatting, but for now there's a "jump to latest" button. i might break up each book into its own page. generally i'm trying to avoid making new pages wherever i can to keep file size down.
  • i originally said i would crosspost these to tumblr. that might have been a lie, i think. it sounded like a good idea at the time, and it technically is, content-wise; the kinds of posts i'm making would probably be more accessible and easier to post on tumblr. but i don't want to do that. it's too much effort and i would rather force people to look at this website that i spent so much time coding and making it look nice.
  • something i have settled on are in-between book interludes, posts about whatever to give myself a bit of a break before picking up the next thing.
  • anyway. look at my posts. or don't, i guess.