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  • hihi. It’s been a minute
  • here’s the thing about the april zine: it exists. i promise. just not digitally
  • i don't have a scanner at home and i have been too lazy to go to the library specifically to get things scanned
  • i got to the library for events and such, and i’m always like “oh i’ll get there early and do it then” but then i don’t. i’m very annoyed with myself lol
  • in slightly better news, i think a good chunk of the working title stuff i’ve been working on is ready to go. not exactly timely stuff at this point lol but stuff you can read soonish. in fact I’m posting something Right Now
  • summer reading is only a month away and I’m v excited!
  • trying to fuss with the side bar some more. can't find something i'm happy with